Мајкрософт, Вијетнам, Израел – шта смо све радили…

Колега из Вијетнама ме је замолио да напишем преглед пројекта који сам са њим радила још пре три године у склопу “Партнери у учењу” Мајкрософта Србије. Написала сам. Погледајте!

My name is Maja Andjelkovic Seguljev. I am MIE from Serbia, Belgrade. I am teacher in Primary school “Jelena Cetkovic”. At October the 30th  2014.. I decided to cooperate with  colleagues from Vietnam and Israel. Vietnam teacher  Mr. Nam shared his idea about security on roads all over the planet. He created a project  “We are all little voluntaries”. Mrs. Batat from Israel created Prezi about  our project.  Mr. Nam created a blog about this project. We used Microsoft OneNote for creating the material.

Specific objectives of project:


  1. Encourage students ‘interest and motivation to work,
  2. Develop students’ awareness of their own responsibility for their lives and the lives of other people when they participate in traffic.
  3. Find out a safer mode of transport participation
  4. Strengthening the creative and cognitive abilities of students to plan the possible actions that will help reduce the number of traffic accidents in environment
  5. Introduction to investigative journalism.
  6. Introduction to the countries from Middle and Far East of Asia.
  7. Improve environmental awareness and students themselves about their own security in traffic.

Educational aims:

  1. Imagine and nurture high-quality students’ attitudes toward their country and the need for cooperation with other countries.
  2. Encourage and develop the creativity of students in learning, work and life.
  3. Direct cooperation and an ability to adapt to other peoples, cultures and social strata.
  4. Colleague collaboration and horizontal and vertical level – high students (5/5 and 6/3) and students with other Meridian – Vietnam and Israel.


  1. Quality procedures and reliable targeted research with ICT
  2. Strengthen its ICT competence project developed through modern means communication.
  3. Creating and updates its view of the situation of persons with disabilities in traffic. 15. To achieve concrete changes in the school environment as a result of our activities (school security environment and build ramps for people with disabilities and parents with small children who come after earlier with trolley) .
  4. Evaluation of the project: Cultural exchange

Form work: groups, individuals, frontal

Methods: heuristic, dialogue, problem solving methods, methods of playing roles, demonstrative, methods of analysis and synthesis,

Teachers motivates to action, it creates enthusiasm and research, points out checks, both praised and corrects regime, goods directs and encourages cooperation

We used: computer with internet connection, projector, video cameras, mobile phones, colored paper, common software: Microsoft OneNote programs: Word, Power Point, Publisher, Photoshop, Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Wix site

Project steps:

Before project: positive motivation of students, meeting with the leaders of the project abroad, determine the general and specific objectives of the project, meeting with the project, MIE  from Vietnam, detailed project planning, information parents.

First step: You can see our presenting on this link:  We present ourselves.  Presentation of the project “We are all little voluntaries”,  discussion about how to behave in traffic. I prepared students  for the work using www.kreativnostnadelu.wordpress.com

orienting students think thinking models, forms and modes that will enhance awareness of yourself and the world around them: presentations and poster which will represent Serbia, , OUR COUNTRY SERBIA (1),  presentations on the causes of accidents in traffic and a short study on the consequences of these accidents, the identification of the general traffic conditions in the school environment.

2.step: Students are preparing props for shooting short films, make a list of potential. and existing bugs upon arrival at the school they were divided into groups and skills records ” real “and” fake “items we keep in the presentation of the blog and in Publisher. Making movies arround school“.


  1. Step: Students of the 5th grade create brochures that show errors in crossing the street, Our presentation . Throught the groups they presentated all the types and kinds of traffic. Presentation about traffic. Students of the 6th grade proposed concrete actions: construction of ramps for people with disabilities and parents with children in wheelchairs. The real work plan: using social network to invite students from our and other schools  for humanitarian action, interview teachers with disabilities, parents with small children, collaborate with students in public, ask the Manager and School Board for approval of the construction of ramps to create brochures and try to find sponsors for the construction ramps. Travelling by net was our way to show parents what we had done already. For our movie : “Traffic security”we  were awarded by the Public Award  from Serban Ministry of Traffic.
  2. Step: students hold a lecture to students in the lower grades, each participant receives a booklet in which are especially marked dangerous cities for pedestrians, traffic signs with interesting, his study of the kinds of traffic announce one disk, so that work is completed MIE Mr. Nam from Vietnam. Students of the 6th grade publish interviews, initiated the Council of parents and teachers to help and approve funding for the construction of ramps. The application submitted to the school principal. Using public network  invite all to join in the appeal to build a ramp. Presenting the results of the project through Skype.

End of the project: cultural exchange among Serbia, Vietnam and Israel.

Themes of cultural exchange: geographical, historical, biological, linguistic, racial characteristics of the people and the country, photo albums, daily life, culture, nutrition, clothing, sport, entertainment, schools, industry, literature, art, religion. Students will, through mutually exchanged e-mails, create your own album page on the Wix site. The importance of international cultural exchange outstanding and fully corresponds to the name of the project “Improving awareness of themselves and the world around them!” Correlation of the project: Technical and Information Education, History, Geography, Biology, Art Culture, Literature and Journalism, Mathematics, the English language, Ethics. Used Microsoft Online Word, Power Point, Excell, Publisher,  MuvieMaker, Autocollage, Pinterest, Internet, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress.

The Microsoft’s blog “What’s Fresh?”published the article about our work. You can find it on this link.

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by Karina Batat, Maja Seguljev, and Ngo Thanh Nam
Expert Educator Columnists

Three Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts from Israel, Serbia, and Vietnam collaborated to link their classrooms and students through Skype and work together on a traffic safety project. Read the full story from each of their perspectives below!

Karina Batat, Israel

I’m Karina Batat and I’m a teacher at Gordon Primary School in Petah Tikva, Israel. We joined the Project in November. Everything started with Nam’s post at the Microsoft Expert Educator Facebook Group. Nam was searching for partners and I jumped on his offer. I’ve been leading collaborative projects since 2009 (The Travelling Mascott Project) so I’m aware of the great benefits of this global project to both students and teachers, combining the wise use of ICT, collaboration and communication.

In Israel, traffic safety is included in the curriculum and 5th grade students learn about the subject 2…

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Mr. Nam created new blog and published all the results:

Welcome To Mr Nam’s Space

Ms Maja:

International cooperation in education is an outstanding challenge. Encourages curiosity, enhances motivation and launches research spirit. At the same time expanding the boundaries of the project and reduces the historical, linguistic, social and cultural barriers.

Incredibly, even a bad internet connection had exceptional advantages: curiosity, excitement and motivation of students and teachers increased significantly, perhaps even more than that the class was perfect. Students had inquired about the customs, life, history, geographical characteristics of countries we collaborate. Opportunity to work with someone so far motivated students, and, suddenly, the students had the whole series of new ideas, they want to do more, better, to meet their friends, expand their knowledge. They want to learn and pass on their experiences to others. Can not wait the next Skype class with their friends from Vietnam and Israel.

Thanks to Microsoft, it has become possible. At the same…

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M. of Philology Maja Andjelkovic Seguljev

Teacher in Primary school “Jelena Cetkovic”

Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

Предавање на “Новим технологијама” Британског савета

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